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~ Next generation of ultimate Japanese Wagyu from the highly innovative Wagyu Meisters ~



In Japan, 2.47 million Wagyu cows are now  raised on around 50,000 farms in locations from Hokkaido to Okinawa, an area stretching approximately 3,000 km from the cold and extreme north to the warm sunny south. 


The rich natural environment of the Japanese archipelago, where temperatures range massively from minus to plus 41°C, has generated a number of unique Wagyu beef brands in various regions characterized by wholly different climates. 


Japanese Craft Wagyu from the highly innovative producer Wagyu Meister is a truly outstanding example of this coveted beef. 

Farms producing Craft Wagyu are committed to production that meets modern needs, such as development for more richly flavored red meat suited to dry aging. Such operators also value social sustainability based on environmentally friendly recycling-oriented agriculture that leverages regional resources.


Only 0.17% of the world’s 1.47 billion cows are Japanese Wagyu.

Craft Wagyu is the absolute pinnacle of Japan’s Wagyu brand, representing a new generation of environmentally friendly Wagyu beef for gastronomists worldwide.

*1. Based on Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan statistics for 2016

*2. Based on official observation records released by Japan Meteorological Agency

*3. Approximately 200 types of Japanese Wagyu brands in Japan

*4. Based on FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) statistics for 2016

*Information on Japanese Wagyu (English) :

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