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Miyazaki Craft Wagyu

Miyazaki Tanifuji Farm




Kyushu is the most southwestern of the four major Japanese islands, and consists of more than 2,000 islands. Miyazaki prefecture is known in Japan for its long hours of sunshine, and with this warm climate, subtropical trees such as the hibiscus and palm trees stay green throughout the year. 

It is also known for the abundant waters brought forth by the Kuroshio current and the mountain’s good fortune, as well as for being a region that breathes both history and nature. Tanifuji Farm is located in Kushima City that is located in the southernmost part of Miyazaki prefecture in the southeast of Kyushu, with a beautiful coastline stretching 77 km long.

Miyazaki prefecture is the second largest producer of Japanese Black Wagyu. Until now the number of farmers fattening the cattle has been few in comparison to the ones that were breeding. However, since the 1970s, calf breeders have integrated with feeder cattle ranchers in Miyazaki, and Miyazaki Wagyu has made great efforts toward elevating its brand name.

As a result, Miyazaki Wagyu, when participating in the 5 days long competition known as the “Wagyu Olympics 2017” in Miyagi prefecture, breeding bulls from Miyazaki prefecture were the first in history to win the Prime Ministers' Award in three consecutive competitions, proving the consistency and high quality of Miyazaki Wagyu.

Currently, Miyazaki Wagyu is gaining popularity worldwide as a high quality brand.

Tanifuji Farm started in 1997 with 500 cattle. Through the techniques and management system of integrating breeding and raising of feeder cattle, now became 1,650 heads of very special selected cattle.

Miyazaki Wagyu is gaining popularity worldwide as a high quality brand.


Using the pure ground water from Fukushima river, which has been closely linked to the people in the neighborhood’s lives and culture since olden days, Tanifuji farm has an ideal gentle and natural environment for raising great cattle.

There are many Wagyu bloodlines in Miyazaki prefecture which are prohibited to bring out of the prefecture, so this puts emphasis on the lineage of unique species which have taken root in Miyazaki.

Regarding the feed mixture, many years have been spent on research to produce high quality meat, and now over 80% of the meat is grade A4 or higher. In recent years, many techniques have been tested experimentally, and it has been successful in enhancing the antioxidant effect in the meat. As the antioxidant effect increases, the oxidation of the meat is suppressed and its taste remains longer. In addition, Tanifuji Farm acquired Halal certification in 2016 for the high world-wide demand of this very unique Craft Wagyu.

There is another point with this Miyazaki Craft Wagyu. Of the Wagyu improved by Tanifuji Farm over the course of half a century, Miyazaki Craft Wagyu has many heifers, which is rare in the world. The heifers of Tanifuji Farm are characterized by the very fine texture of their meat. This meat quality is due to the differences in bone structures and muscle fibers between bulls and heifers.

Since heifers are smaller than bulls and unlikely to have marbled meat, Wagyu producers do not like to raise heifers. Therefore, there is very little Wagyu beef from heifers and it is very rare.
The fat of heifers contains more unsaturated fatty acids than that of bulls, then 
a texture and flavor differing from that of bulls can be enjoyed because of the fine texture and difference in the fat of heifers.

While ascertaining individual traits and arranging the best breeding, Tanifuji farm works to continually offer the highest quality Craft Wagyu from Miyazaki.

Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png

Elite calf with an ideal appearance


Pregnant Mother with excellent pedigree

Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png
Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png

Tanifuji Farm’s selective breeding certificate. 

Great-grandfather is the Legendary “YASUHIRA” bull from Miyazaki Prefercture which produced more than 200,000 progeny.


Takachiho Gorge




Akaike Gorge

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