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The Southern Beauty Brand of MINA Gyu from the Island of Kyushu, Japan.

Currently being farms by Mizusako Farm. Below are the Criteria of Mina Wagyu:


Introduction of Mizusako Farm

Mizusako Farm is located in Ibusuki, Kagoshima, which is in the southernmost part of Kyushu and Japan’s largest Wagyu producing prefecture. However, even within the same prefecture, it is impossible to make the most of the original potential of Wagyu or ensure uniform flavor if each farm gives Wagyu different feeds. This great farm is blessed with a rich natural environment rarely found in Japan, where cattle can grow freely with natural spring water rich in minerals and silica  and surrounded by grand mountains with cool winds.

Mizusako Farm has succeeded in creating delicious, robust red meat by enhancing the aroma of Wagyu beef in a well-balanced manner through many years of research on feed mixtures and the establishment of its own feed mixture factory. The most important aspect of producing quality red meat is the protein contained in the feed. Satsuma Craft Wagyu’s feed creates delicious red meat, mild fat and a soft texture by blending roasted soybeans that are the most expensive and highest-quality grains.


In addition, soybean curd residue, sweet potatoes and various other vegetables rich in quality protein are collected from local food factories and elsewhere. Recycled fermented feed is produced with a microorganism-based technology to ferment these ingredients with the farm’s original koji (rice malt). 

In Year 2022 Wagyu Olympic champion was from Kagoshima prefecture.

Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png
Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png
Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png
Craft-Wagyu(no 牛・旗)white.png
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